Arguing teens-Pain flare-Family vacation ?

I swear, I will never again take my two argumentative teens on a “family fun” vacation again! These two little Rodents have been at each others throats the Entire Time! All they’ve done is argue about every single teeny tiny thing, bitch that they are hungry every five minutes, and demand that I entertain them, Constantly!!!! They are 18 & 14 for chrissakes!!! Quit fucking fighting for five minutes and go DO something !!!

Needless to say, my fibromyalgia has kicked into a full gear flare. I hurt so bad I just wish I could beam myself home and avoid the four hour car ride sitting in the middle back seat .(the middle? Why you ask? To seperate the kids) The pain in my right hip, caused by my Sacroiliac Joint, is somewhere between back labor and and being repeatedly shot. The whole area is one giant cramp-charley horse, and nothing’s touching the pain. It’s made my foot numb in a painful way and radiating up and down my leg, and across my lower back. Chalk it up to all the walking, all the stress, and the shitty mattress in this incredibly expensive room.
I may die before I get home.
I think I might rather die before I get home.



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